1) From within the APP, select the "Home" screen

2) Select the "+" button from the Top Right Corner of the screen

3) Enter any details you have about your Card;

    Mandatory entries are

  • Card Name
    • Start typing your Card Name and you may beable to select a current Branded Card (if available on Cardlis) from the drop down list to add your card number with pre-filled images
  • Card Category
  • Bar-code or Scan-able code (If no code is present you can manually enter the card number in Card number)
    • Some unique barcode styles may not scan due to "Unsupported Code Format", if this is the case you may enter the card number or ID located on your card.  CAUTION AS THERE MAY BE ADDITIONAL INFORMATION REQUIRED FOR IN-STORE SCANNING THAT YOU CANNOT ADD TO THE CARD NUMBER WITHOUT SCANNING
  • A picture of your Card for easy Identification from your Card List

All other information is for your own records and is not required for card creation.

If a card you are trying to enter is already on the Platform, the Card Name or Brand Name may allow for a drop down selection that will auto-fill a Card image and company details!