Notification setting allow you to regulate what communication you would like to receive from the Merchants hosting programs you are using. 

1) Enable Email Notifications - This is direct mailing from Retailers regarding Promotions or other perks they are offering in their Local Stores.  

        * If Email Notifications is turned off, you will still receive Email Receipts and Notifications of Programs joined from the Cardlis APP or Web Page.

2) Push notifications- Push notifications are Notifications that display on your Mobile Device.  These include Successfully joining a Gift or Loyalty program as well as transaction notifications when a Card is used!  Your Favorite merchants (Only the stores you have a Card from) can also send you specialized updates and promotional offers through Push Notifications.

3) Profile/Account sharing with Merchants - In Cardlis you have the opportunity to fill in your account information on the Account Screen.  This information is Securely Managed and only accessible By You!  When you Enable Sharing, you are allowing Cardlis to share your Name, Email, Phone number and address with a Retailer; Information required to join any Program in stores, BUT CARDLIS SAVES YOU THE INCONVENIENCE OF WASTING TIME IN STORE. Retailers are held to Strict Terms of Use and Privacy Standards issued by Cardlis Applications Inc. Sharing your profile information allows a Merchant to send Account updates, Promotions and other information that will increase your shopping experience or receive explicit deals only offered to Current and Loyal Customers.