Taxes are handled within the Platform and APPS on a End User sale using a Merchant Product; Gift Cards and Loyalty Cards are Tax Free at purchase/joining.  Taxes are only charged on payment transactions in store via Credit/Debit payments or Cash records.

    ***PRE-PAID Loyalty Cards Charge the Entered Tax (tax delegated at Card Creation) at purchase on the Cardlis App by a Customer; This is due to the pre-paid card being created for multi use of a specific product. A sale-able product requires taxes to be withheld.

When selling products or services using the Merchant APP you will have the option to ADD tax charges that are integrated when checking out.  The Taxes are designated in the "Manage Taxes" form found in the Left Menu on the Platform. Merchants can select applicable "pre-made" tax entries or create their own.

    - Note that even if you do not physically handle cash or credit/debit transactions using the Merchant APP (use a third party payment system/method), you are still able to use the transaction screens to record the payment and view any Tax liabilities that you encountered during a transaction.


Set up the Loyalty Card for your product as you would for any Card in your inventory.  Remember that the Tax entered will be charged at purchase from the Cardlis User APP as the cards are intended to have a Unit Value/Balance as a product.  EX- A Card is built as a   Pre-Paid beverage package with 10 designated drinks.  Due to the sale of a Product, there needs to be tax charged.

            Drink Card with 10 units at purchase = $50.00

                                                        Sale Tax =       5%

                                                      Sale Total = $52.50    (charged at sale of the card; Tax is visible at purchase)