To Create a new gift Card Program or Manage a Program select GIFT CARD from the left menu.

Manage Gift Card

- This allows you to view the cards that you have in circulation as well as the total number of cards left to be purchased.  

  • For Security, Merchants cannot view the value or owner of the cards without "in-person" contact at checkout.
  • Cards can not be deleted or the Program stopped if they have been purchased or are in use.
  • You may Edit the features and images within the Card at your wish

Create Gift Card

- By selecting to Create a new Gift Card you will have the ability to Create a Custom Card to your Liking. 

Notes on Card Creation:

  • Card Name - Is the name you would like to have your card known by, IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE YOUR BUSINESS NAME
  • Brand Name - Is Most often the name of your Business.  Customers not knowing your Card name my search your business
  • Max # of Users - Cardlis allows for ultimate customization of card by allowing you to choose how many customers may purchase it. There is no charge for large card issuance's or for creating a new one!  Build as you like!
  • Category - Select the best fit for your retail service.  Customers my find you in a narrowed search using the Category,  If you believe you are in a Category not listed; Please let us know and we will add it immediately for you!
  • Description - Add the Sales pitch of your company of the intent of the Card!  This is Free advertising even for someone selecting your card to view your services
  • Details/Terms of Use - are visible at the end of the Card details where the Card Creator may add special terms such as "not exchangeable for cash" or other authorizations you would like your customers to know.  This information is also available in the PDF printout of your card.
  • Card Image - (900x628 px)This is the Image viewed in the Cardlis APP that will be identifiable to customers prior to viewing your card
  • Promotion Image/URL - (900x628 to 1200x628)- This is an image that you can use as marketing from within your card details;  showcase a product or anything of your liking with a link that can direct them to a website or even the Promotion page created in the Platform.