Login to the Merchant APP under the Employee name, Merchant Number and Password provided to you by Management.

Once in the APP select Scan to scan the Device or Certificate of the Customer you are processing.  If a Device or Card is not available; you can do a manual search by entering a Card Number, Search by a given e-mail or Phone number.

Once the Card has been located you can Enter a purchase value (Gift Card, Points Loyalty Card) or Points to be added or Redeemed (Accumulation or Pre-Paid Loyalty Card).

The Merchant APP is meant to track the fund transaction and Store it in the Merchant Account.  This service is to act as a Point of Sale device where accounting records can be easily managed and viewed on the Merchant platform.

The APP will indicate points gained or redeemed and cash to be Tendered or send the transaction to the Moneris iCMP for secured Credit/Debit Payment.

Activating a Certificate In-Store

Occasionally you may need to Activate a Cardlis certificate that Management has printed for select Customer use.  

Simply scan the certificate and the App will automatically recognize the card type and allow you to activate the card.  If it is a "Paid" card such as a Gift card or Pre-Paid item card then you will be taken through the payment process!