1) Managers/Owners with access to the Web Platform can View Individual transactions and any Payment information including Fees and Deposit amounts by selecting the beside the transaction.  The popup will show all RAW data sent to PayPal in creating the Payment.

2) Cardlis uses simple fee schedules in accordance with our e-commerce provider "PayPal" and manages fees incurred in a Card Sale Transaction.  Payments are scheduled to be paid Twice/Week on Monday and Thursday for the previous days transactions.  Industry standard is 1 Payment Transfer each week. Cardlis has elected to Payout 2 Times/week to ensure you receive your funds when you need!

*As of January 3, 2018*; PayPal charges 2.9% + 30 cents for every transaction.  These fees are reflected in the Final Net Amount Deposited to the Designated Bank/Debit Account of the Merchant as well as the Negotiated Sale Commission from Cardlis. These fees are the responsibility of the Selling Merchant but can be reviewed based on Good account standing and Sales Volume within the Cardlis Platform and Apps.

* PayPal charges are subject to change; at the time of change, Cardlis will notify all Customers and immediately implement any drop in fees or give 30 days notice to an increase*