Downloading Cardlis - Click a Link below to Download Cardlis APP

When you Open Cardlis for the First time you will have 2 options for Signup:

1) Register with an Email & Phone Number
*Please Check your Spam Folder for Email Verification

2) Login with Facebook
*With new Facebook Rules, Some accounts may fail registration.  If you have issues, please use #1 Registration Option

3) Cardlis uses a secure 3rd Party service to make sure that any account change that includes signup will verify your mobile phone number so that we know it is you!
*If be accident you feel that you entered the wrong Mobile Phone Number Or Never received the Code; Please select "Change number" to Re-enter your mobile number and issue a new code!

Once you have Logged in With Facebook or Email, You will have a small series of the usual Notifications, Location and Contacts access information you receive with all new APP's.  Cardlis Believes in telling you Exactly what we use this for!

Notifications: Cardlis uses Notifications only for connections between You and your Local Store.  All retailers agree to strict Privacy and Terms of Use and agree to Never Violate Customer Information.

Location: Cardlis uses your Location for the Purpose of giving You the Easiest search capabilities.  Cardlis arranges Local stores showing you the closest ones available to you! As Cardlis grows, you will be able to travel to new locations and always view Local stores near you!

 Contacts: Cardlis uses your contacts for Security and Ease of Gifting or Transferring Gift Cards or Sharing a Loyalty Card.  Cardlis contacts that you also have in your Contact list will populate for a flawless transfer from One Cardlis Account to Another!  If you would like to send any Card to a Non-Contact you definitely can with a simple email!

Cardlis Menu
The Cardlis Menu allows for Easy navigation of

Home: Any card you have joined, added or Purchased will show here! Promotions from local business are also available!

You can also select the "+" on the top right of the HOME screen to add any Bar-code card you have in you possession to Lighten your Wallet!

Shared Loyalty Cards: Any card that is "Shared" with you by a Family member or Friend will by available here.  The owners information (EX: Your Spouse) will be shown on the Card as if it was their phone.  The Card Owner has the right to add up to 3 people to share the card and can remove access at any time.

My Account: Fill out the Usual information needed to join Any Loyalty Program (Just as if you were to do so in a store), Cardlis Securely saves your account and shares this with a Retailer when you join its Program. Saving you many minutes at Signup.  ONLY WITH YOUR CONSENT!!

Gift Cards: Search and Purchase any available card from your favorite Local Stores, any Left Over Balances can be transferred!

Loyalty Cards In-Store Cards: Search Loyalty Cards to find any participating Local Business that has Loyalty Programs on Cardlis, Click Join or Search to find a current account.  See Joining In-store  for steps to find your account!

History: Find your Card histories that are not available from within the Cards themselves, View available transactions, purchases, completely used and expired cards