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Loyalty & Gift Programs - For Locals, By Locals

1 - Complete your Profile & Bank Information

Your Business Information will be Pre-Loaded from your application form.  

Bank/Debit Card Account Settings - Cardlis uses VersaPay to securely add your direct deposit information for Gift Card Sales.  THIS MUST BE COMPLETE PRIOR TO ISSUING GIFT CARDS

Loyalty Cards are able to be listed without any bank information.  

NOTE:  Cardlis Cash is only available on purchases made on Gift Cards through the Cardlis APP.

2 - Create an Employee List

To login to the Merchant APP, you must have a registered Employee.

Employees are Setup and Managed by an Owner or Manager & do not have permissions to change passwords.

    - Make sure the password given is easy to remember and make multiple accounts follow a scheme that makes sense to the administrator.

    - If an Employee is Let-go or leaves the company then an account may be "disabled" by adding an "x" or another character within the name making future sign in impossible.  Accounts cannot be deleted once used to that any transaction details pertaining to the Employee are always available.

3 - Manage Your Taxes 

Cardlis has the Canadian Sales Taxes Pre-Populated.  Simply select the "click to activate" button beside a tax you would like to use.

Taxes are Important as it makes the checkout process for Gift Cards or Point Redemption on a Gift Card Easier - Points are not Earned on Tax Values BUT taxes can be covered with Points.

    - If there is a tax you would like to add, you can "Add New" and create a name, description and rate.  This will be applied to the GROSS sale not including any other tax values.

4 - Manage Merchant APP Settings

Merchant APP settings allow you to choose how your customer checkout process is handled and information recorded.

Complete Payment - Record full payment including Funds Received and Change to be returned. Required For Moneris PIN PAD.  Great option to record a payment ledger.

Cardlis Program Only - Easy as 1 - 2 - 3 !  Enter the Purchase Value and select save.  Points are recorded but no money transactions are kept for further query abilities.

5 - Create a Card